Puppy Questionnaire

It is understood that by filling in this questionnaire, you are under no obligation to purchase a HarbourPoint puppy/dog, until such time as a deposit is accepted by us. Likewise, we are under no obligation to place a HarbourPoint puppy/dog with you.


We are not taking requests for Wire-Haired Puppies

A fence keeps your Vizsla Safe
Helps to know how you found me

Explain what a Typical Tuesday would be like for your Vizsla. Take in consideration when it is a puppy as well as when your Vizsla is an Adult

Please let me know the best times to set up a video call where you can see my dogs, talk about my breeding practices and health checks on my breeding dogs, your questionnaire and answer any questions you may have to ensure that a Vizsla is a good fit for you and your family.  I am available Weekdays from 5pm – 8pm  and 10am – 8pm  weekends for the video call. (all times are Atlantic Times)

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