Our Breeding Philosophy

Our commitment is to continuously work towards improving the quality of the Vizsla puppies that we produce. To us quality means having correct breed structure, sound temperament, display natural hunting abilities, overall good health and a loving family companion. We are very meticulous when choosing the homes for our puppies.


The decision to breed is not something that we take lightly. There are several factors that are taken into consideration before we breed.

The temperament of our dogs is paramount.  Before we make any decision to breed, we gauge our dogs to the CKC Vizsla temperament standard. The standard states that the temperament of the Vizsla is: Intelligent, obedient and easy to train, the Vizsla is a sensitive dog that becomes very attached to its owner and may display a strong protective instinct. The Vizsla is gentle-mannered and affectionate.

Correct Breed structure is having in good working order, all the parts that are needed for the Vizsla to do the job that it was created to do, find, point, flush and retrieve game.

We do not breed our girls until they are at least two years old. Breeding females need to be fully mature and well developed. This does not happen before two years of age.

Health Checks

Before we breed, we follow the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Vizsla specific health screening recommendations. Besides genetics there are many environmental factors that contribute to your pups overall health and wellbeing. Testing for a sound genetic base reduces the likelihood of inherited disease appearing.

Our dogs are tested and clear on the following tests:

The Best Homes

We are very careful about who we sell our dogs to. We find it helpful if you complete the online questionnaire  as this gives us an idea of what you are looking for in a puppy. The questionnaire will be followed up with a phone conversation. We also encourage potential owners to phone and, if possible, to visit our Kennel, so you have an opportunity to meet us and to see the dogs.


Every breeder, even reputable ones, can have things go wrong. However, we will stand behind our puppies and take all steps to ensure it is not repeated. We provide a 3-year written health guarantee for your puppy against any life-threatening genetic condition.

We will always re-home any puppies we have bred if there is any reason you cannot keep the dog. Thankfully, this is very rare.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are very happy to provide further information or answer any questions you may have concerning our lines.

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